In China it can result very helpful especially for foreigners to use applications. The most important one is Wechat. It looks a little bit like whatsapp but it is more elaborated. The basic function is the messenger, we can add new contacts by scanning their QR code or searching for their phone number. The next function is similar to facebook because we can post photos or short movies on wechat moments just the way we post it on the wall in Facebook. The interesting point about the wechat is that we can see comments only written by people we have in our contact’s list. The best function of this application is that we can use it to pay everywhere. It is very helpful especially in some small towns where there is no ATM. We can also buy train or cinema tickets. Using wechat we can even chat with people nearby a little bit like in tinder.

Next application I would like to present is Taobao, shoping on-line. We can find almost every product and we need only its photo. It is important to check if we can send it back in case we don’t like it.

There are many applications useful for traveling. I like QuNar. I use it to buy plane and train tickets.

Meituan we can use to reserve a hotel or order take away food. We can also look for special oferts in nearby restaurants.

If we like music we should download QQ music. It will allow us to look for music from all over te world. 

Public Transportation

In big cities the most convenient is traveling by metro. In smaller cities we can go by bus, by taxi or use a public bicycle.

We can check the bus route. The most important is to check the direction and the name of the bus stop where we are, it will be shown in a red color. Next we have to find the place we want to travel and we can take a photo of the route because sometimes there is no information screen on the bus. Having the information screen they will always show the name of the actual and next stop.

Chinese Food

It is easy to notice that Chinese restaurants outside China are very different. Only being in China we can appreciate the huge variety of food and many different ways of preparing it. Every village serves special local food, every province has unique customs, that’s why we should always look for local snacks and dishes. Some restaurants have menu with photos so it is not so complicated to order the food we want. In Sichuan province the food is delicious but also very spicy so we need to be careful.

Everey city has small and big restaurants and night markets with a big amount of BBQ.

If we have a dinner with Chinese people we should be aware of some rules. The sitting place is very important. The person sitting next to the door is usually the person who organized the event and he or she is also the one who is going to pay the bill. In front of that person there is the most important guest and and people around her or him are also special guests. Usually there is a round table with a round mobile glass part. Moving the glass part we can serve food to everybody sitting at the table. Every person has a special, small glass for toasts. Usually we can drink red wine, beer or Chinese liquor. many times translated as a white wine because it literally means white alcohol. If we drink a stronger alcohol we can drink less amount for example one small cup of wine is equivalent of two small cups of beer.

The last part of dinner is dessert, usually it is fruit.

Train Travel

We can buy train ticket on the station or by application. Buying it on internet is faster and easier but we still need to go to the train station to have it printed. During Chinese holidays there are many people everywhere so it will be important to get the ticket printed before traveling.

In China there are 4 letters that represents a different kind of train. G trains are the fastest, D train are a little slower but still fast, around 200 km by hour, K and Z are old and quite slow trains. We can always buy first or second class tickets, there is also a ticket with no sitting place.

If we want to travel during Chinese holidays we should plan everything at least one month before.

The train station is like an airport. We have to show our ticket and passport to access to the station so our friends or family can’t pass with us. Next we have to pass the security check point and find our train on the information screen. The easiest way is by checking the train number. For example the ticket we can see on the photo is for a train class D and the number is D6505. We have to find our gate number. Sometimes there are 2 gates for the same train depending on the car number. In the ticket shown on the photo it shows car number 8 and seat 4D. The gate opens around 15 minutes before departure time and stays open only for about ten minutes.

In small cities we can see on the screen information that there is a color next to the train number. It means that being on the railway platform we will see many numbers written in different colors. We have to find the number of our car written in the color of our train. It may seem strange but it is a really good way to organize all the passengers and get them on the train in less than 2 minutes.