About me

I am from Poland, from Poznan. I love studying and teaching languages and practice sports. The culture differences have fascinated me since I was little, learning languages helped me to have a better communication with people in different countries, teaching languages made easier for me to spread the cultural interchange and sport helps me to make friends everywhere I go.

I travelled a lot in Europe and I also lived and worked in many coutries. I stayed few years in Spain, one year in the United States, one year in Mexico and Central America, six months in Canada and now this is my third year in Sanming, Fujian province. I totally agree with the saying that travel broadens the mind and gives us a better understanding of the world.

I am an optimistic person and I think that if we believe in something and struggle to get it everything becomes possible. Sanming was a place for me where everything was possible. I received a lot of help from local people and local government that’s why I decided to spread the information about this very unique and beautiful province.

I have received the Fujian Friendship Award. The day of ceremony was spectacular and will always stay in my mind and will motivate me to work harder.